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Year 8 RW: Evil and suffering

This half term, Year 8 students have studied a philosophical unit of work that asks how different faiths respond to the problem of evil and suffering in the world. This has proven particularly thought provoking, given the current global climate and series of world events. Students have explored different types of moral evil and have considered the war in Ukraine and recent school shootings in the USA. The global pandemic also sparked interest in discussion as a type of natural evil.

To help explore a Christian response to where evil and suffering originated, students studied the story of The Fall – Genesis 3. Some Christians use this story to help explain the problem of evil and suffering, to place the responsibility onto Adam and Eve for disobeying God. Year 8’s were tasked with creating a piece of art work that represented their view of the story and the origins of evil.

The quality of the work was so superb, we have displayed lots of examples within the department. Well done Year 8 in tackling a tricky and somewhat unanswerable philosophical question!

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