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We are rightly proud of our Grammar School heritage.

As an academic institution we attract bright minds into both the student and staff body who are keen to learn and eager to share.  


Students who join us in Year 7 pass the 11+ and are normally performing at the highest levels in their primary school.  There is no such thing as a typical grammar school student at King Edward’s and we thrive on the social diversity that our broad catchment area provides: children join us from North East Lincolnshire; Market Rasen; Louth and its villages, and also from as far afield as Mablethorpe and Horncastle.

COVID Curriculum Adaptations

During the pandemic we commenced live streamed lessons via GoToWebinar on day 3 of the first lockdown in March 2020. We then adapted our delivery model from a 5 to 6 period day to increase coverage and build in catch up time.  By using this approach the majority of subjects have been able to deliver and complete their normal curriculum.  The COVID learning impact document sets out departments  have used end of year exams to help them assess lost learning and thus adjust their 2021/22 Curriculum and Assessment plans accordingly.  

We have for 2021/22 over staffed English, Mathematics and Science to enable them to provide additional intervention where required and have also added in various intervention strategies into our Enrichment sessions e.g. Y12/Y13 Peer Mentors; small group work; additional workshops; year group Prep sessions and a 'decoders' club for those 10-15 students in each year group who need help to boost their expected level reading to the above expected standards needed to successful access our curriculum at the highest levels.  

Lower School Curriculum 

In recognition of the high levels of ability on entry to the school our curriculum is built on an accelerated two year KS3 curriculum in Year 7 & Year 8.  Students study  English Langauge and Literature, Drama, Mathematics and Computing, Science, History, Geography, French and Spanish, Art and Design & Media, Music, Physical Education, and Religious Studies GCSE - this latter course is taken in Year 10. 

In addition to these core subjects all students [from Y7-11] follow our Wellness and Spirituality programme which provides a vehicle to explore relationships, sex and health education.  This programme is built around various approaches to positive psychology, the relationships between food, nutrition, exercise and well-being and introduces students to further thinking about spirituality.  External speakers and experts are a key feature of the programme. Taught in a half year group round table seminar format the emphasis is very much on peer led debate, discussion and the presenting of views back to the room. 

Our KS3 curriculum emphasises breadth and learning the core knowledge and skills necessary for  making a successful transition to GCSE study.  In addition we also provide opportunities for support and intervention for those students who may have additional needs or be behind in the higher readings levels we would expect: most students join us with reading levels that are above or well above national standards. 

Upper School GCSE Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to enable able students to spend more time exploring the GCSE curriculum in a deeper way rather than accelerating them through early examinations.  Our emphasis is on students learning not only the core knowledge in their subjects but enabling the very brightest students to explore and discover the real intricacies, breadth and depth of the subjects they are studying whilst providing the luxury of time to those students who need a little longer to cover the same ground.

At GCSE all students study a core curriculum of English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Physical Education and House Games, Wellness and Spirituality, Religious Studies and either Triple or Double Science - we run a 70/30 ratio of Triple to Double with students opting as late as possible in Year 10 . 

Students then choose either:

Route 1 EBAC


GCSE RE (studied in Y9 and Y10)

At least one Modern Foreign Language (French or Spanish)

Either Geography or History  and then 2 option subjects of your choice (it is possible to study both Geography and History, and indeed to study both French and Spanish if you wish)


Route 2 Open 

We recognise that for a small number of our students the traditional EBAC route may not always be appropriate, and each year in close consultation with parents, students and staff we offer an alternative open route for those students. 


Level 2 BTEC in Money and Finance Skills (studied in Y9 and Y10)

4 option subjects of your choice (this can include Geography, History, French or Spanish) 

All students continue to study Wellness and Spirituality in our half year group round table seminar format so that we continue to promote and encourage peer led discussion and debate during these crucial developmental years.  

Senior School A Level Curriculum

Students join King Edward's in the Sixth Form from our own Year 11 but also from other local schools.  As a selective school the Sixth Form at King Edward's is designed for able students interested in pursuing either a career at University or applying to industry for competitive apprenticeships or degree apprenticeships. 

All students are expected to obtain 4 GCSE at grade 6 or above plus English and Mathematics at a grade 5 and a minimum of a grade 6 in each of the option subjects that they wish to choose.   We offer over 20 different A Level subjects and build our curriculum offer around student choices: we do not group or block subjects. 

In addition to choosing three A Levels [some four] all students follow Cambridge University's A Level course in Global Perspectives.  In Y12 the course covers a wide ranging global curriculum looking at a variety areas of conflict and controversy and their impact on different groups and countries.  In Year 13 the focus switches to students completing a 5000 word independent research dissertation.  The project is well established and well liked by Oxford, Cambridge and the leading Russell Group universities as well as many other employers and organisations and commonly forms part of each student's alternative UCAS offer. 

Academic Specialists

At King Edward's we recruit academic subject specialists only. In all year groups students enjoy academic support from expert curriculum leaders and teachers who are highly qualified subject specialists.  Many of the teaching staff are examiners and lead examiners for the main exam boards and some are also writers and researchers in their field.  All staff are keen to pass on their passion and enthusiasm for their subject both in and outside of the classroom.

We encourage, support and provide time for all of our staff to develop their academic interest, expertise and knowledge through this and other pathways.  Many have studied at a post graduate level, whilst others are keen to explore curriculum leadership through the National Professional Qualifications programmes. Alternatively we run various action research groups which  enable staff to make a wider contribution to the academic life of the school by researching  and reviewing various academic aspects of the life the school. At the time of writing our current groups are the Curriculum Action Group; the eLearning Group and the Assessment, Feedback and Reporting Group. 

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