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At King Edward's safeguarding children is an essential part of our day to day work.  The diagram above captures all of the different areas that encompass keeping and teaching children about safety at school and in life generally but the sections below provide a little more detail on each area. 

Safeguarding and site security

All staff who work on our site and work with our students are vetted via the DBS checks and through the normal processes required by OFSTED and the by the Department for Education. We maintain all of these records in a single central database that is checked regularly by our Designated Safeguarding Lead and by our Governors as part of their site visits.

Access to our site is via reception only and all visitors should report here and be signed in: all other entrances are controlled by a key card and monitored by CCTV via reception and site staff. 

Safety in our curriculum.   

We teach our students about safety in life and online through our curriculum in a number of different ways, and the following A-Z should help parents and students to understand where this takes place. 

Accidents and Incidents

Students involved in any type of accident or incident on the site that causes harm e.g. trips and falls etc. are looked after by a first aider if required and then in our medical room located next to reception.  We log and then monitor accidents on site to help identify any common pattern or reason for these incidents to ensure that they are simply accidents and not caused by some other hazard that the site team need to attend to.  

British Values, Equality and the Prevent Duty against the radicalisation of students.

We ensure that all of our students are taught about and understand the core British Values of 

Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs via our core KS3 curriculum in subjects like History, English, Media Studies, Geography, RS and Science as well as through our pastoral programme, our Wellness and Spirituality programme, our RSHE programme in KS3, KS4 and KS5 and also through the Y12 Global Perspectives programme which forms part of our compulsory Pre-U course.  Within this we have ample opportunity to consider and discuss equality and the  nine protected characteristics of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, and gender.

We are proud of our commitment to these concepts and hold both the Equality and Diversity Award and the International Schools Award both of which have provided a focus and a vehicle for many of our conversations around British Values, Equality, Respect and Internationalism. 

Finally our work with St James' Church, our regular services with them and our Combined Cadet Force also play a significant role in underpinning our commitment to British Values. 

eSafety and Cyberbulling

All students are taught about the fundamentals of eSafety in Year 7 and Year 8 through their computer science lessons, however the emphasis on eSafety continues through our assembly programme and in normal day to day lessons and wherever there are opportunities to stress the importance of staying safe online.

In addition to this our Every Child Matters Committee reviews this area as part of its standing agenda and consists of staff, students, parents and governors.  We also send out regular updates about eSafety to parents and appreciate the information often provided directly to us by parents to alert us to new apps, information and issues around cyber bullying or other misuses of social media and digital technology.  This two way flow of information is a vital part of our commitment to safeguard young people online. 

Relationship and Sex Education

Through our RSHE collapsed days, our Wellness and Spirituality programme and through our curriculum subjects we provide ample opportunities for students to engage with the complex world of relationships and sex education.  These opportunities naturally cross over in many areas of our curriculum when it comes to tolerance and respect but we also focus in on the very specific issues of consent, sexual harassment, and sex education.  


Right to Withdraw

All parents have the right to withdraw their son/daughter from RE and also from aspect of Sex and Relationship Education.  Requests for withdrawal should be made via the KESH Administrator 






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