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We recommend that parents contact us with concerns as soon as possible: the sooner we know the sooner we can advise, explain, help, or resolve matters. 

Direct contact with the person closest to the problem should always be the first stage in dealing with any matter initial contacts made to senior staff are invariably re-directed back to the relevant teacher or tutor.

Contact Directory 


For all Year 7 to 10 admissions enquiries, visits, open evenings, testing queries, catchment questions, transport queries and individual tours of the school then please contact Rhona Adam - Principal's PA or call 01507 353474

For Sixth Form Admissions then please contact the Sixth Form Team or call 01507 600456

Routine Administrative Matters, Exam Queries, Finance and SIMs Parent App

Please contact our reception team for all matters relating to forms, letters, timetables, timings,  lost property, school shop and all other routine school administrative matters.  For all issues relating to examination entries, resits, remarks and all other public exam queries including examination timetables then please contact our Exams Officer Lou Gaunt.   For SIMs Parent App queries please click here 

Stage 1: Initial Academic & Pastoral Matters

For all routine enquiries of a teacher or a tutor then please use this email.  


Mrs Robinson will then forward your email to the appropriate person. Teachers are normally engaged from 8:30-4:00 so e mail is the most direct and simplest form of contact.  However if you do want to speak to a teacher then please do make this clear so that a mutually convenient time to call can be arranged.  

Stage 2: Head of Department OR Head of Year

If your concern has not been resolved at this stage then you should email the relevant Head of Department for Academic Concerns OR the relevant Head of Year for Pastoral Concerns from the list below.


Heads of Department  are responsible for all aspects of the management of their departments including teaching and learning; homework; marking and assessment and classroom discipline.




Heads of Year are responsible for matters relating to pupil welfare; safeguarding matters; wider discipline issues outside of the classroom; uniform and the coordination of more complex pastoral matters that impact across a range of areas.  

Stage 3: Senior Team & Safeguarding/Child Protection Concerns

The school's Senior Team are responsible for line managing the Heads of Department and Heads of Year.  If your concern has not been answered at Stage 2 then you should e mail the Head's PA Rhona Adam who can direct your concern to the appropriate member of the Senior Team.  

Stage 4: Headmaster

Serious allegations or concerns  should be reported directly to the Headmaster.  Where a matter has not been resolved through the stages above and/or where the matter is about a Middle or Senior Leader then reporting this to the Headmaster would be appropriate via the Head's PA Rhona Adam

Stage 5: Governors

Wider complaints or concerns about the school's ethos or operations or complaints about the Headmaster should follow the school's Complaints Procedure: concerns should initially be addressed to Clerk to the Governors Rachel Mowbray  A copy of the school's complaints procedure can be found in the information section.

The school will always contact and involve the Police in matters of sexual harassment; social media trolling/abuse;             sexting; racism; harassment; libel and/or defamation of character.