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The Headmaster and the Governing Body are jointly responsible for the overall strategic leadership and direction of the school.  


The Governing Body meets 6 times per year to consider standards: both academic and pastoral.  Governors are paired with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and responsible for evaluating a strand of the schools annual action plan.  The Headmaster and Governors undertake a detailed strategic development planning process on a three yearly cycle that involves extensive consultation with all members of the school's community from parents to pupils, teachers to caretakers and other friends in our wider community. 

In addition the Governing Body  and Leadership Team put together an Annual Review looking at the progress made towards these objectives and highlighting the various successes that the school has had, as well as identifying the challenges on the road ahead.  As part of the Annual Review the Governing Body, Headmaster and Leadership Team monitor various indicators of pupil and parental satisfaction by gathering data through surveys, questionnaires and consultations, including the views of students and parents.

Through the school's Directors Group the Academic life of the school is subject to regular discussion and continuous review by the SLT and faculty Directors.  Working in a collegiate fashion Directors alongside the SLT carry out regular learning reviews: the focus is to see best practice but to work collaboratively with others to identify areas for improvement.  In addition the Directors Group has various Action Research Groups and we encourage staff and other leaders to participate.  The current groups cover the Curriculum, eLearning, and Reporting and Assessment.  

The Headmaster and Governing Body are committed to moving the school beyond Outstanding towards the kind of elite performance levels found in the major independent schools.   Although, like, all schools COVID has set us back our intentions have not changed, and by elite performance we mean the achievement of attention to detail at every single level to ensure that we provide the best for every single member of our community.   Feedback from parents is always welcomed and regularly sought.

All enquiries to the Governing Body must go through (Clerk to the Governors) 

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