You can find out more about our Education and Enrichment Plans via the handbooks and policies in our Information Pages. 

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"It is not enough to leave King Edward's with a good set of results"
All children have unique talents and we believe it is our role to identify those talents and help to develop them. We agree with the views of John Cridland the former Director of the CBI who argues that business needs -
"individuals who are both well grounded in terms of education but also well rounded in terms of personality"
We  also strongly support Professor Robert Winston's views -
"I would rather have young people around me who developed other interests at university and didn’t just focus entirely on getting that first. It’s produced a lot of useful science because we’ve worked as a group of friends, a team. That’s very much more important than almost anything else"
                          [Professor Robert Winston, Emeritus Professor of Fertility Studies,       Imperial College London]
King Edward's past history as an academic boarding school heavily influences our present and this influence is felt strongly in our commitment to providing students with a broad and rounded education.  Our commitment to this concept influences our academic curriculum design and ensures that the old boarding school commitment to high quality sport; the Duke of Edinburgh Award; our Combined Cadet Forces with its links to the RAF and the Army; Professional standards in Music and Drama performances, and a wealth of opportunities for different trips and visits linked to our curriculum all provide a rich set of extra-curricular opportunities.
In addition to this we also run a dedicated Enrichment session each day which provides all students with the opportunity to engage in the House System through House Sport and a series of House Academic Challenges like House Debating, and House Creative Challenges like House Drama and House Music.  
For students in Y11, Y12 and Y13 it also provides a wealth of leadership opportunities to help staff and students in the overall organisation, coordination and running of the various House Events and Clubs and Societies. These opportunities provide senior students with hands on practical experience in leadership.
Our commitment to 'education' moves the King Edward's experience away from academic 'hot housing' and fulfills our commitment to providing an Holistic, Academic, Education.