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Curriculum 24/25

Please follow the links on the left hand side to see details about the Consultations we are currently running and how to contribute to them.  You can contribute via email or via the 'Comment' box at the end of the page. 

During the course of the academic year we run various Consultations on:

  • admissions policy or other statutory policies

  • building and planning matters  

  • various aspects of the life of the school e.g. uniform, enrichment etc. 

  • other significant changes that require us to consult with affected parties.

Our Core Consultees are:

  • Students


  • Staff  

  • Parents

Our statutory consultees are:

  • Lincolnshire County Council


  • Louth Town Council 


  • East Lindsey District Council  


  • Regional School's Commissioner [Sheffield] 


  • Governors and Trustees

  • Louth Primary and Secondary Schools

  • Local Residents


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