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Weekly Update 14.5.21

Enrichment 2.0

Holistic, Academic, Education.

It's great to finally be able to start looking ahead and planning for September and for normality or rather a new normality.

As part of that planning process we are working on Enrichment 2.0 which incorporates all of the feedback from students and staff that we received in December 2019 pre COVID.

September will see us return to our normal 5 period day with the return of our dedicated Enrichment Period running Monday to Thursday 3:15 - 4:00: we will also return to our normal 3:15 finishing time on a Friday.

You can see the draft overview of the new Enrichment 2.0 structure below

DRAFT Enrichment 2.0.docx
Download PDF • 585KB

Students in Years 7-10 will have weekly Major and Minor Sport running during Week A linked to their period 5 core PE lesson which will build in Week B into a series of House Sports Competitions. In addition Week B will also include a series of Academic House Challenges running on a carousel covering House Debating; House Quizzes; House Science Challenge and other similar challenges.

This revised format will breath new life into the KEVIGS House system and involve the addition of a new fifth House. We plan to open a 'transfer window' in Term 6 to allow us to reallocate students and tutor groups from Y7-Y13 across the five houses ready for September.

In addition to the focus on House Competitions we have also incorporated those clubs and societies from Enrichment 1.0 that were most popular and had strong support. More details to follow: this will include an opportunity for students to suggest additions and to choose their options.

From September the new Year 7 will have a dedicated enrichment programme that will aim to give them a taster of life at KEVIGS. This will cover House Sport, Music, Art, Drama, CCF, Clubs and Societies and will run on a carousel basis. We also intend to include an ambitious Y7 School Show presented to Y7 parents at the end of the academic year at the Riverhead Theatre.

In December 2019 the overwhelming feedback from Y11, Y12, Y13 and staff was for weekly workshops and departmental time. We have successfully managed to include this into our plans so that students in these three critical year groups can get weekly access to additional support in a different subject area every day. These sessions are a crucial component of our COVID recovery curriculum plan for the examination years.

However, Y11, Y12 and Y13 will also have access to a range of leadership opportunities. We want to appoint different teams to help provide students in these year groups with hands on, practical, leadership experiences in Sport, the Arts, Music, and Enrichment as a whole.

ForFor those who decide to opt to join one of the Leadership Teams they will receive Leadership Training during Term 6 this year, as well as ongoing training during the Autumn Term. We hope to provide students with the opportunity to qualify as Level 1 or Level 2 Sports Coaches.

The Student Leadership Teams that will run will be a dedicated Year 7 Mentor Team; Y8,9,10 Mentor Team; House Teams, and the normal Head Boy/Girl & Senior Prefect Teams.

We hope that by listening carefully, learning from Enrichment 1.0 and pulling all of this together into a new format for September that we will provide all students with the opportunity to benefit from our Holistic, Academic approach to Education.

Enjoy the weekend.


James Lascelles


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