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KEVIGS Literary Book Clubs

This year, following on from its origins in Year 12, three sixth-form students, Jasmine Ashworth, Mina Crisp and the Head Girl, Charlotte Low, have met half-termly with Mr Ellershaw as members of a literary book club at King Edward VI Grammar School, Louth. All of the books are from beyond the A-level English curriculum – the books read are not books studied for school. Books read and discussed have been provocative revisions of twentieth-century conflicts, postmodern reworkings of Victorian texts, gory (and allegorical) science-fiction horror and playful or disturbing rewrites of Shakespeare, and every meeting has featured two books read comparatively, e.g., Regeneration and Time’s Arrow.

A similar exercise will be repeated with interested students currently in Year 12 this academic year and next.

Wonderfully, a student-led book club overseen by Mrs Turner is really beginning to flourish in Year 11, too.

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