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KEVIGS Astronomy Club & The Faulkes Telescope Project

Holistic - Academic - Enrichment

KEVIGS Astronomy Club are delighted to confirm that from Monday 14th November we will be joined regularly online by Dr. Sarah Roberts from The Faulkes Telescope Project for a series of tutorials aimed at teaching pupils how to use the amazing resources of The Faulkes Telescope Project and Las Cumbres Observatory: a network of robotically controlled telescopes around the world.

Pupils will be assigned usernames and passwords to enable them to program telescopes to make astronomical observations from their own devices. Dr. Roberts' tutorials and continuing support will help pupils to plan these observations, program them, download the observation files, process the data to produce images, and analyse the images. All of this will be done on industry standard software used by professional astronomers. This is not dumbed down for the kids!

We are particularly pleased about Dr. Roberts' participation and support because she is an outstanding female role model for our Astronomy Club members, who are mostly girls - which is fantastic news for girls' involvement in STEM subject and enrichment activities at KEVIGS.

Encouraging Excellence, Nurturing Talent.

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