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Anti Bullying Alliance - Anti Bullying Week

School Parliament and Student Voice In Action

Its been great to see School Parliament and Student Voice in action this week as the national Anti-Bullying Week started on Monday.

Thanks to the actions of the School Parliament there has been a strong push on exploring the ways in which our community can continue to promote anti-bullying across our community. The starting point for that approach was to review all of the existing policies and procedures, help and support that the school already has in place. This meant that different groups of students have worked through these with a fine tooth comb and identified some areas for improvement in the wording or phasing in our policies.

However, more importantly has been the Y13 Senior Team's desire to take the lead and work with the Headmaster, Deputy Head Pastoral and the KESH team to deliver training for all of our students from Y7-13 about bullying, its definition, how to spot the early signs and what to do about it.

Starting next week that team, supported by 20 Y12 and Y13 students will takeover our Wellness and Spirituality sessions for each year group to deliver Bullying Training.

We look forward to reporting back with more information and updates from those sessions.

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