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Encouraging Excellence, Nurturing Talent in Every Individual


Holistic, Academic, Education

King Edward VI Grammar School

Edward Street, Louth LN11 9LL

T: 01507 600456

e: [email protected]

Boys Y7 Library Computer

Hello and welcome to King Edward's.


Trying to decide upon a secondary school for your child can be a challenging time.  I hope that this section of our site will help you understand a little bit more about how you apply for a place in a Grammar School; about the testing arrangements that are in place; about the importance of registering with the school; and finally, the all important Common Application Form.


Why King Edward's? What makes us unique?


Encouraging Excellence and Nurturing Talent encapsulates all that we strive to do here.  Our focus is on:


        - Supporting and encouraging each individual child to achieve their best.


        - A balance between working hard and achieving academically, set against developing those all important life skills.


        - Results matter, but being well rounded and articulate, and possessing confidence without arrogance, are equally important.


You may be attracted by our grounds, our facilities or our record of academic success but I would encourage you to look deeper and beyond the superficial external measures that exist.  Look at the positive relationships that exist here; the support and encouragement that is available; the depth and range of our extra-curricular activities: it is these factors that evidence our commitment to the whole person.


I would urge you to look closely at our results and to compare them, carefully, with other schools.  You will find other schools in the region who take fewer pupils and have slightly higher results.  However, our focus remains on achieving balance and such differences may not seem so enormous when you consider the wealth of extra-curriclar opportunities here at King Edward's and the opportunities for children who made a decision to focus on their music performance for the Royal Northern College, or play sport at a county standard, or have their career in the forces mapped out thanks to their massive commitment to the school CCF.  


Please explore our site - look at what we have to offer; our results and details about life at King Edward's: the links above will guide you to some of the answers to the questions you have. Finally make sure you visit us either at one of our open evenings, or for an individual tour to see us during a normal working day: which ever you choose you will be most welcome!


Thank you for taking the time to consider us.


James Lascelles