King Edward's Sports Hall and Elite Performance Centre Plans

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Our Vision

1: Our School and Curriculum



"King Edward's is committed to providing an holistic academic education for able children"



Central to our vision is that all children should leave us not just with good examination grades but having developed their skills and talents in other areas.  We are fortunate to have a fantastic department committed to the development of our students who give of their time freely to support extra-curricular activities but who currently do so against a backdrop of limited facilities.  It is down to their ingenuity and hard work that despite this our teams regularly win district, county and regional competitions and that we have a number of elite athletes who compete at a national level.


King Edward's current activity hall was opened in 1989 when the school numbered just 580 students.  The day it was opened it was obvious to all that a two court badminton activity hall was inadequate for 580 students.  Today with 900+ students on roll and projections to grow to a 1000 students by 2023 it is well past time for the school to have a Sports Hall.


The provision of a new five court sports hall with indoor and outdoor changing rooms; fitness suite and aerobics/dance studio will give the school much needed curriculum space but more importantly will provide wet weather spaces on site.


More than this these facilities will provide space to support our extensive extra-curricular programme and will provide much needed indoor space to enable these activities to actually run, grow and flourish.  Most important of all it will enable the PE Department to expand the curriculum beyond the traditional.  [see Standing Room Only for an idea of the difficulties we face]  



2: Supporting Performance


Many of King Edward's students play for the local Louth clubs and as a school we are committed to working in a joint collaboration to ensure that our students get the best from school and that as a school we also support their clubs.  That support will come in the form of sharing expertise, and in the use of our facilities to support winter and evening training sessions but also through the development of a more holistic elite performance centre linked to Loughborough University and Nottingham Forest, Lincoln and Grimsby Town football clubs, Sport England and other regional and national sporting groups.


3. Supporting The Wider Community


King Edward's has let spaces to clubs and societies in the wider community for some time and today, like the Meridian centre in Louth we are at capacity.  This is partly due to the limited facilities we have on offer but also indicative of the wider issues as the town continues to grow, demand for sporting spaces increases whilst the supply of facilities has contracted due to the closure of the old Monks Dyke and Cordeaux facilities.


4.  Need


There is therefore significant need and serious overcrowding of facilities both at King Edward's and in the wider Louth community.


  • King Edward's current activity hall is not fit for purpose and imposes significant restrictions and additional costs

         on how we plan, organise and manage our sporting curriculum: we have to hire alternative spaces thus increasing

         our overall running costs at a time of national austerity in school funding.


  • The activity hall was not fit for purpose in 1989 for 580 students: with 900+ on site today the school desperately needs additional space for the curriculum, for wet weather sports, and to continue to develop our extensive extra-curricular programme.


  • Finally, there is a very real and growing need now in the local community.

Our Design

King Edward's has considered various designs, locations and carried out various options appraisals both internally and via external companies.


Following these discussions and advice and further to conversations with East Lindsey's Heritage Officer and others we considered the impact on the main field before finally settling on a location at the top of the main field, approximately 15 metres from the boundary hedge onto Horncastle Road.  The sports hall will also be dug into the field to take advantage of the significant gradient on the main field - anyone who has played cricket here will understand just how much the field drops away - but to also assit with the natural screening provided by the lime trees that border the school.


Other options included the refurbishment and extension of the existing space were considered but this was offered poor value for money and imposed significant restrictions on the size of the sports hall itself; limited the amount of changing room space and made no provision for any additional ancillary spaces e.g. fitness studio and dance/aerobics spaces.  It was obvious that a new build would present better value for money and a more sustainable modern design and construction.


Various locations were also considered including the demolition of Crowtree House the old care home next to King Edward's. However after brief consideration this too was dismissed as the footprint imposed even greater restrictions than the current activity hall space.


Finally locating the Sport's Hall on our top field adjacent to the Louth Golf Club was dismissed due to access issues for emergency services, parking and traffic management and the sheer practicalities and safeguarding issues of locating the facilities on the opposite side of the footpath at the furthest point from the main school.

Our Location

King Edward's has reviewed and costed a variety of designs to identify a design that offers the school and the tax payer the best value for money.  We have identifed the modern design above which is used for school and community sports halls up and down the country.



    Key Sport Features:                                                                                                 Key Design Features


    Five Court Sports Hall with nets and dividers etc.                                           Tensile structure and fabric roof

    Aerobics/Dance Studio                                                                                             Air circulation system to reduce heating costs

    Fitness Suite                                                                                                                Cedar cladding to external brickwork

    Indoor changing facilities for 60 pupils                                                               Light grey roofing cover to minimise solar glare

    Outdoor changing facilities for 60 pupils




Consultation Evening

St Neot's school's sports' hall above is based on the same design principles as King Edward's plans.  Exterior cladding in cedar and a grey roof are incorporated into  our plans.  The cedar facing above will face the Horncastle road and be set 12.5 metres from the existing hedgeline: the existing hedge and trees will be maintained and allowed to grow and a further secondary double row of evergreen screening added in front of the cedar cladding at the edge of the access path running around the building.

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