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September Phased Opening Plans

Safety First

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            Monday - Friday Provision for Onsite Learning on Offsite Days

  in our socially distanced Safe Learning Centres inc. House Activities [see Prep/Childcare FAQs]




       Onsite Learning Days in small groups


     of maximum 15 to help with individual                


          support during our phased return

    Offsite Learning Days with access for all


     Y7-Y13 students to the KEVIGS Online


                   Live Stream 50 min Lessons

                            used successfully

                  with GCSE and A Level students

Term 1 Phased Return Plans

                                 Six Taught Periods Per Day, Everyday

King Edward's has adopted a safety first approach to reopening to ensure that all students, staff, and the wider adult community that are connected to our school are safe.  The documents on the right hand side provide the details of our safety first framework and are unique to the context of King Edward's and its ancient site and buildings.


Safety first means:


i)   Year Group Zoning with teachers moving wherever possible and not students

ii)  Dedicated break, lunch and toilet areas for each of these zones

iii) Maximum class sizes of 15 within these zones to support staff and student safety

iv) A programme of intensive cleaning including use of anti-viral foggers

v) Personal COVID 19 kits with facemasks for students and visors for staff when in the classroom

High Quality Education

During the first phase of reopening from September King Edward's has increased the number of contact points/lessons in our timetable from 50 per fortnight to 60 per fortnight moving from 5 taught lessons per day to 6 taught lessons per day.  This timetable will run every day in a blended model mixing onsite learning, with off site learning via KEVIGS Online. See our curriculum and shape of the day documents on the righthand side.


King Edward's offered live stream classroom lessons via Webinar from day 3 of lockdown expanding this to cover both GCSE and A Level classes in a normal timetabled 40 period fortnight cycle.  This approach has helped our Y9, Y10 and Y12 students to keep making progress during lockdown and provided normal contact with a subject specialist each lesson. We will expand this successful approach to include all of Year 7 & Year 8 so that all students will receive live stream lessons on their offsite days or when in our Prep/Childcare setting.


High Quality Education Means:


i)  A planned hybrid curriculum model building on the successes of a traditional classroom

    approach combined with live streamed lessons.


ii) 60 period, 6 period day planned curriculum delivery increasing our amount of learning

    opportunities to help promote catch up: especially in Y7 and Y8 but for all year groups in

    English, Mathematics and Science.


iii) Full time, specialist teachers, delivering the curriculum on site Monday to Friday to classes

     either face to face and via live streaming webinars.


iv) Grammar school commitment to high academic standards of achievement and progress


v)  Ongoing pastoral support and emotional resilience building via our Wellness programme and

    KESH pastoral hub team

Sustainability and Continuity 

King Edward's Hybrid Curriculum has been designed to enable the school to provide the same 60 period timetable and curriculum offer Monday - Friday in or out of lockdown.  We have taken the long view and put a pragmatic plan in place based on sustainability and continuity at the heart of our planning. Our aim is to ensure we remain open for as long as possible through the Autumn Term and avoid the spread of COVID-19 in our community.


Sustainability and Continuity Means


i)   Reducing the risk of frequent school closures or longer periods of school lockdown.


ii) Commence full reopening from September in a cautious and phased manner depending upon  

    the COVID-19 situation in 8 to 12 weeks time, and enables us to respond to ongoing changes

    to the science and the government guidance about COVID-19.


iii) This in turn will enable us to reassess our plans and the risks of reopening to enable us to

    increase or decease school capacity without making any changes to our curriculum, our

    timetable or the shape of our school day.


iv) Provide essential educational continuity and certainty to our students through the anticipated

     difficulties that the Autumn Term may pose with a likely second wave; local lockdowns and

     possible/probable school closures.


v)  Ensure that IF a closure occurs we simply continue to deliver a high quality, 60 period,

     curriculum to all students seamlessly.

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Continued phasing in of digital learning with a move to eBooks and tablets for all students from September [see FAQs]

Book A Place


Detailed FAQS Social Distancing Policy Shape of Day Hybrid Curriculum Exit Strategy Presentation Safe Learning Centre Timetable Webinar Registration




   Step 1: Increase No Onsite Days  

   in the following order:



  Year 7 & 8   [In place]


   Year 11        [In place]


   Year 9           [Wk 2 or 3]


   Year 10        [Wk 3 or 4]



   Step 2: Double classes


   Move from 15 to classes of 30



   Step 3:  Normal Curriculum


   Full, Normal Onsite Timetable



Opening Guidance READ THIS Fridge Key Opening Points :)

Updated 27/08/20

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