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Part 4 Safeguarding

Using the Kindle's Safety Controls

The Kindle has a range of parental safety controls and ways of restricting the device, this includes how it is used, when it is used and what it is used for.  You can, for example, lock the Kindle down so that it only acts an eReader, cannot access the internet and is only accessible for one hour per day.  Obviously this is a bit extreme but the controls enable you to tailor the tablet to the level of security that you feel comfortable with and that is appropriate.


Before you do anything it is important to remember the first principle - this is your parental tablet, registered in your name, to your Amazon account that you are lending to your son/daughter.  Obviously before you do this you will want to heavily restrict various different parts of the Kindle and you should follow the following steps:

Step 1: ensure that your home Wi-Fi filtering systems are set appropriately: obviously our filter's at school are highly                           restrictive so when the Kindle joins our network then its is automatically receiving a high level of filtering. 

Step 2: restrict the use of the Kindle by using the Kindle's Parental Controls from the settings.


                    These controls allow you to set times for when the kindle can be used, what it can be used for and various other                        settings and restrictions. 


Step 3: restrict the other normal security settings, and Amazon settings.

You can find 3 short video guides to setting up parental controls and WiFi from our Digital Help Folder, located in the Handbooks and Guides on our Information Page or follow the link here

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