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Encouraging Excellence, Nurturing Talent in Every Individual


Holistic, Academic, Education

King Edward VI Grammar School

Edward Street, Louth LN11 9LL

T: 01507 600456

e: [email protected]

School Prospectus

You can find out more about the School in a number of different ways.  You can download our Prospectus by clicking on the link below.


Alternatively you can also browse the pages of our website which will give you a feel and flavour of our community.  In particular you should have a close look at the following webpages:



         1.  Why King Edward's?  


              Gives you our top ten reasons for choosing our School.


         2.  Why Grammar School?


               Will help those parents who may be undecided on a

               Grammar School education for their children and who

               may not be aware of the benefits.


          3. Admissions


              All the information you need about testing, open days

              and entry to the School are contained on these pages.


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King Edward VI School Prospectus

GCSE Options

Download GCSE Options Booklet

Click on the link below to view the GCSE Options Booklet for students starting in Year 9 in September 2020

Prospectus Front Page


GCSE  Y8 Option Booklet March 2019