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Where can languages take us?

Language is a superpower. It helps us de-code messages and interpret others. It helps us to express ourselves and create global links with lasting benefits.

As we emerge from the introspection of the Covid years, the MFL Department has once again looked outwards and reached out to our wonderful ex-students to find out how their language-learning has been of benefit to them.

Laura is completing her degree in French and Mandarin. She held a video-conference with y12 and 13 French students to discuss the range of transferable skills she has developed at uni and during her time living in France. We were delighted to hear how well KEVIGS had prepared her!

Languages have featured highly in the careers and experiences of many students. Fancy living in Spain? France? Argentina? Costa Rica? Fancy doing French Film Studies? International Relations? Spanish Law? Or do you simply want to enjoy the culture, chat to people, laugh, have fun with it?

Take a look around the MFL Department, check out the careers board created by Evie in y12, the posters from out ex-students. This life can be yours too!

And it all starts here.

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