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Sex, RSE and eSafety

In today's connected world many adults wish they could turn back the clock to a day before social media, mobiles, tablets and computers ruled our children's lives. COVID has proven, fairly conclusively to all of us that this isn't going to happen and instead it has been a catalyst that has accelerated change and made us all realise how dependent we are on the internet.

At King Edward's we teach all of our students how to staff safe online both formally through the Y7 and Y8 computer science curriculum but also through the pastoral programme of assemblies, lectures and presentations as well as through our normal day to day work in lessons.

Today the online world has become even more problematic with the arrival of cyber bullying, sexting, upskirting, and the trolling of people who are then bombarded with abusive messages. At King Edward's we teach our students about the important British Values of tolerance and respect for others as well as how to stay safe in relationships and about specific matters such as consent and sexual harassment and what to do about it.

For parents this can be a really challenging period of time when worrying about or working through issues related to sex and social media but fortunately there are also some excellent resources out there for parents and students.

We strongly recommend discussing the issues and advice given on the website below with your son/daughter - the sooner these types of conversations are normalised in your home the better chance there is of a more open, and honest dialogue. The websites below also provide further links and resources and we recommend following them through.

RSE Hub provides a range of resources for parents and professionals on Relationship and Sex Education.

Think U Know is a website run via the police's cyber security team - CEOP -

and gives indepth advice on eSafety

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency - A National Crime Agency

Report Online Abuse and Sexual Harassment as well as other resources for students, staff and parents.

You can find all of these links on our home page

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