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Royal Society Research Project Grant

Holistic - Academic - Enrichment

We are delighted to announce that our Royal Society Research Project Grant application has been successful! We will soon receive generous funding that will allow us to buy a drone and computer to enable pupils to participate in what our Period 6 Enrichment timetable has abbreviated as "The Drone Project", but which is more fully described as:

"A geomorphological investigation of hierarchical coastal sedimentary structures such as ripples and dunes, using photogrammetry to record the changes before and after ‘storm events’ throughout the year as an analogue for longer term changes after catastrophic events such as the 1953 North Sea Flood."

This project will give pupils the opportunity to work closely with project stakeholders including The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, Nature England, The Environment Agency and The British Geological Survey, and with partners in industry and academia including Merlin Energy Resources Ltd. and Keele University Basin Dynamics Research Group.

Look out for future updates on drone pilot training and field trips to Gibraltar Point!

Encouraging Excellence, Nurturing Talent.

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