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OFSTED October Parent and Pupil Survey

Full results can be found at the foot of this article.

'My child's other home' was perhaps one of the best quotes to come out of our surveys over the years and it remains true today. It is this phase that is at the heart of the core values that we work towards and captures a spirit that we try to emulate and build our ethos around.

We are passionate about King Edward's as a family school and that's why these two charts mean so much.

At the beginning of October we put out the OFSTED standard parental and student survey to all parents and students. As ever our goal is to celebrate the positives and identify the areas that we need to work on. Thank you to the 435 parents who responded to the survey: that's approximately two thirds of all parents.

It was great to see that you also know your children well because they were of a similar viewpoint.

It was also especially welcoming to see that students feel safe with us, both from your perspective, and from theirs.

Student View

Parent View

Academically after all of the work that staff and students have put in through the course of the pandemic we were especially grateful to see the views of parents and students in lock step in terms of the amount of support, care and challenge provided by staff.

Parent View

Student View

As you know we are not complacent and are looking to improve wherever we can. As we slowly return school life to a new normal our Directors Group has set up three Action Research Groups to look at our Curriculum, Reporting and Assessment, and eLearning. They will be reviewing the information from the surveys and be in touch in due course seeking your views in various specific areas that we are developing for September 2022.

On a more immediate note please do take the time to explore the Academic page and in particular the published subject maps which tell you what, when and why students will be studying in each subject from Y7 through to Y13.

You can see the full results of the surveys - both Parent and Student below.

OFSTED Student 10.21
Download PDF • 84KB

OFSTED Parent 10.21
Download PDF • 78KB

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