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Head cycles 300 miles

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Academic, Holistic, Education doesn't only apply to students but also to the Headmaster. James Lascelles, the Headmaster of King Edward's has committed to a variety of challenges for 2021/22 to underscore the school's commitment to providing a well rounded education for all students through our unique enrichment programme.

Enrichment at King Edward's isn't an afterthought or something students stumble across on a wet lunchtime to escape the rain; instead it is a core part of our curriculum, ethos and values. Enrichment starts from a wellness and mental health perspective that lunch should be for lunch for both students and staff, free of the commitments to run or attend workshops or clubs.

Our Enrichment programme provides both structured whole year group opportunities in House Sport and House Academic competitions but also provides a wide range of clubs and activities from climbing and golf, through to chess and rugby - for boys and girls. Our academic departments also run dedicated activities like the Mathematics department's Geek Games programme or the History department's debating programme.

In addition to this our Enrichment programme also provides time and space for Departments to put on additional workshops in Y11 and Y13 to support students with their GCSE and A Levels. For other students there are plenty of opportunities for simple department time, reading and prep in the Library or to engage with our extensive music opportunities in Big Band, Senior and Junior Choirs, String Edward's or our Orchestra. By comparison Year 7's enjoy a taster menu of all of the above and rotate through this on a half termly basis, although their journey involves working through a series of theatre workshops that cover script analysis, performance, set, stage and lighting design that build to the annual Year 7 School Show performed at the Louth, Riverhead Theatre in July.

James Lascelles, the Headmaster, has taken up the same challenge laid down to students to broaden their school and personal experiences through our Enrichment programme. The Headmaster is riding 300 miles in September to raise money for Cancer Research's work into children's cancer and with 9 days to go he has 85 miles left to do. You can support the head, see his progress to date on Strava and find out more by going to the Headmaster's Cycle 300 Cancer Research page. Please give what you can to help the Headmaster raise funds to support children with cancer.

"I wanted to prove to myself and to our students that even the busiest person can find the time and make a change. For an occasional cyclist 300 miles seemed like a good challenge but the real challenge was how to fit it in. Solution? Get up earlier and do the miles after walking the dogs and before breakfast" James Lascelles, Headmaster.

Finally, the Headmaster is excited to be back with the Really Not Bad Productions Team of Mr Amey [Director of Music] and Mrs Marritt [Head of Drama] the team which brought you'Our House' the Madness Musical in 2020 and 'Slim Eddies' in 2019. However, this time the Headmaster will be stepping out of the Producer's box, away from lighting and set design and back into the Director's Chair to direct the award winning musical 'Back to the 80's': a show that is jam packed with some of the best pop hits from the time, weaved around the classic school prom crisis!

Auditions for the show are from 4pm-5pm in Edward Street Hall on Tuesday 28th September with Kids in America - whole cast; with excerpts from Total Eclipse of the Heart for the girls to try, and Man in the Mirror for the boys. Rehearsals commence Wednesday 6th October 4pm-6pm in the Studio ready for performances at the Riverhead Theatre, Louth on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of February.

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