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Fantastic Mr Fox

It’s been two years but we’re back and ready for our production of Fantastic Mr Fox! Auditions in September allowed us to see the breadth of talent across the school. Ben Allen as Mr Fox is cast alongside an ensemble of enthusiastic rising stars. So far, the first dance has been choreographed, the set has been selected and everyone is preparing their lines ready for the stage. A script chosen to appeal to a wide range of audiences is being staged, and the countdown to show night has begun!

We’re hard at work Monday and Thursday evenings in the studio giving us a chance to work in a large space and getting to know each other through team-building exercises. It has been so important to create a safe atmosphere to build confidence through games such as splat encouraging each other to communicate, creating a second family. Even if you’re not the main part, everyone plays an integral role, we’re all in rehearsals together giving everyone the opportunity to develop personal skills and build their confidence showcasing everyone’s talent.

Written by Isabella Stones and Isobel Roberts

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