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Black History Month

October is Black History Month a time for us to not only celebrate Black History but to accept that Black History is British History: that however, should only be a starting point. Black History Month should remind us all of the importance of British Values - Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and especially mutual respect, and the tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.

Last year I taught Wellness and Spirituality to Y7-11. I hope that all of you who were there will recall the session on Thinking Traps, and especially my pet hate 'lazy thinking' or 'generalising'

This is one of the root causes of racism and intolerance in Britain today.

What does lazy thinking look like?

It is the failure to enquire, to listen, to understand, which then leads to a failure to respect others and their differences.

As a community united by academic ability it is everyone's duty to listen, to understand, to respect differences and more importantly to help others to respect those differences.

Please remember my final message from those sessions - 'Don't Tolerate The Hate'

This month in assemblies, lessons, and conversations we will take the time to celebrate diversity, celebrate tolerance, celebrate mutual respect and celebrate the achievements of some incredible individuals both past, present and those future talents that are on the rise.

For further information and inspiration:



Or watch

Small Island by Andrea Levy available online via National Theatre Live

Based on the Novel by Andrea Levy the National Theatre's production of Small Island is recommended viewing for all Sixth Formers and Staff: do view the short video on 'Culture' on the NT Website from link in the picture. Small Island follows the lives of new arrivals after the Second World War on the ship HMT Empire Windrush at Tilbury, where hopes for the future soon meet the stubborn reality of post-war Britain.

Shocking and thought provoking in equal measure, my 16-year-old daughter was appalled, enraged, impassioned and inspired to defend equality and diversity all the more.

James Lascelles Headmaster

King Edward VI Grammar

Holistic, Academic, Education

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