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Astronomy Club - Telescopes Appeal

(Photos: pupils stopping during lunch to have a look at the telescope)

As part of KEVIGS commitment to pupil enrichment, our new Astronomy Club meets every Monday Period 6 and already has a very healthy membership of 50+ pupils (which is close to our capacity). Whilst members are being introduced to a wide range of online resources - and after half-term will be introduced to Dr. Sarah Roberts from the Faulkes Telescope Project, who will show them how to access their robotically controlled telescopes around the world - our practical astronomy offering will be hampered by our only having one useable telescope and mount... Our member: telescope ratio of 50 : 1 needs addressing!

At Mr. Chesman's last school - Skegness Grammar School - the Astronomy Club appealed to the extended families of all the pupils in the school for any unused or no longer wanted old telescopes or binoculars that may have been taking up space and gathering dust in lofts or garages, and they were very pleased to receive a number of donations of a variety of telescopes and binoculars, which massively improved the experience of the Astronomy Club members who were then able to put them to good use at school.

We hope that, with KEVIGS being a much bigger school, our Astronomy Club might be similarly lucky recipients of the same sort of generosity: however old and dusty any donated telescopes might appear - we can get them cleaned-up and put to use by our budding astronomers!

Please contact the school at if you have something that you are prepared to donate to our Astronomy Club, where it will be much appreciated and used by our pupils. Thank you!

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