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Well Earned Results

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Students at King Edward's have received live stream lessons which commenced 3 days after the first lockdown in March 2020. Our GCSE and A Level students have been taught the full curriculum and have sat normal examinations in our sports hall with very few adaptations to the normal papers. King Edward's is one of only 6% of state schools to have delivered a virtual curriculum in this way and over this period of time.

A Level by Subject Summer 2021
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Summer 2021 GCSE by Subject
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A Well Earned Set of GCSE and A Level Results

Students at King Edward's have really earnt their results this summer, and every single teacher, parent and student should feel immensely proud of this significant team KEVIGS achievement.

At GCSE students have had significant disruption to their teaching in a way that has been much harder for everyone to manage and monitor when compared to A Level. Despite this our Year 11 students have gone on to earn an amazing set of GCSE grades. Ignore the newspaper headlines and be under no illusion our students have worked incredibly hard for these grades and have genuinely earnt every single grade, mark and point, and to suggest otherwise as the national media seems to be is a massive insult to their efforts.

Over half of our GCSE grades were at the old A*/A sta

ndard or in new currency 7s, 8 & 9. The following students deserve being praised for their singular focus and determination to achieve 9 or more GCSEs at either a grade 9 or grade 8 they are, Erin Gregory, Kaia Reilly, James Wardell, Eve Greenfield, Carys Knight, Hannah Prentice, Ella Cooper, Hannah Foreman, Freya Allen, Ellie-Mae Buckley, Maiya Caldwell and Niamh Sandy. We are especially proud of the significant progress and achievements made by our middle ability students and also by those who have made significant contributions to the life of the school and also those who have faced significant disadvantage through COVID and come out fighting to achieve well. Special mention therefore goes to the following students, Aston Larder-Toyne, Evie Newton, Eleanor Havery & Caitlin Gillingwater, Imogen Sherburn, Euan Macdonald, Lauren Ball, Lily Jones and Ben Grist.

At A Level there are so many success stories from students who have overcome significant disadvantage as a consequence of COVID. Across the board their are amazing individual achievements and this is perhaps best exemplified by the fact that over 80% of our students achieved 3 C grades or higher in their A Levels. This in itself is a massive achievement as 3 C grades opens the doors to many, many, University and Degree Apprenticeship courses but it is also an important part of our approach to supporting, mentoring and 'nudging' our middle ability students on to better grades than might have been expected had they gone elsewhere.

For those in our higher ability cohort than they too have earnt their grades, going the extra mile to really excel and achieve. Over one third of our students got 3 A grades or higher in their A Levels opening the doors to Oxford, Cambridge, Medical Schools, Veterinary College and the prestigious and highly competitive Russell Group university courses. These students also got either an A* or an A grade in their Cambridge University Research Essays: these essays offer the students an opportunity to complete a 5000 word research dissertation similar to those they will have to complete at University.

A special note of celebration to all those students who have really excelled and achieved 3 A* in all of their A Levels, and either an A* or A in their Cambridge Essays; congratulations go to Silas Hand, Shannon Dunleavy, Alana Brown, Zac Barber, Makafui Avevor, and Toby Alexander. Special mention should also be made to the following students for their achievements and for the massive contribution they have made to the life of the school via the Combined Cadet Force, Music, Drama and Sport and these include Robson Augusta,

Shannon Dunlavey, Annabel Garrod, Finley Boyes, Max Henderson, Erin Melville [Head Girl], Alfie Williams [Head Boy], and Dilly Leak.

"There is no question that our students have genuinely earned their results this year. My heartfelt thanks to the enorm


efforts made by our amazing staff who had to launch and learn about live streamed lessons under exceptional time pre

ssure. There commitment and dedication to our students education, and their determination to continue to deliver the full curriculum allowed students to sit a normal set of exams. I have no doubt because of this experience our students will arrive in the Sixth Form, in employment, or at University as highly proficient independent learners"

James Lascelles, Headmaster, King Edward VI Grammar.

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