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Kindle Set Up

Step 1 The Basics

1.  The Kindle is a parent, not a school owned, or school managed device: think of it like your son/daughter's other phone.

 2. When you set up the device you are setting it up as your parental device, linked to your Amazon account.

 3. You then use the Kindle's password protected Parental Controls to manage the security and safeguarding controls to restrict what your son/daughter can access. [see our Safeguarding page]

Step 2 Kindle Set Up

1. You need to identify which generation Kindle you have - new ones are 10th Generation. 

 2. Follow the on screen instructions and tutorial to set up your Kindle or see:


a) Amazon's dedicated Kindle Set Up Webpage here with the PDF instructions or

b) The Wiki How page here 

Step 3 Kindle Power Saving

The Kindle battery in normal usage will last 12 hours according to Amazon: Apple claim 10 hours for the equivalent ipad        however, neither will last this long if your son/daughter forgets to charge it fully overnight; uses it to watch something before or during the journey to school and hasn't set up some restrictions in parental controls to stop this OR set the power saving options correctly. 

You can find 2 short video guides about Power Saving from our Digital Help Folder, located in the Handbooks and Guides on our Information Page or follow the link here


Step 4 Install Google Play Store

1. Before you set up any parental controls or profiles you need to install Google Play Store on the Kindle this then gives you full access to all of the Apps that your son/daughter will need for their Kindle.


2. Sign up into Google with your profile not a Family profile, you will restrict things later in the safeguarding set up. 

3. Follow the instructions to install Google Play here it provides both video tutorials and a written set up guide. 

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