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Public Exam Information

Please click on the links below for some useful and important information regarding public examinations.

Examination Timetables

A Level          13th August 2020

GCSE            20th August 2020


2019 Exam Certificates: - Are in school and are ready for collection from Reception.


If you cannot pick them up yourself, a signed letter from yourself giving the person picking them up permission to do so will be necessary. Thank you

Information for Candidates - written exams Candidate Guidance for Students and Parents

These are published in Year 11 after the Easter Break

Information for Candidates - NEA Information for Candidates - coursework Information for Candidates - Privacy Notice Information for Candidates - Social Media

Examination Policies & Procedures

Internal Appeals Policy and Procedure Complaints and Appeals Procedure (Exams) Disability Policy (Exams) GDPR Regulation Policy (Exams) Non-Examinataion Assessment Policy

All of these policies were updated on 08.01.2020

Summer Grades and Results - 2020

Public Exams Results Dates

This year results will be emailed directly to each students' school email address at 8am on Results Day, 13th August for GCE & 20th August for GCSE.  Y12 Pre-U results will be emailed at 12 noon on 13th August.  School Grades and Rank Order will follow on the SIMS App at 10am.


If students cannot access their school email addresses please contact [email protected] to have the password reset BEFORE results day.  


You will also receive more information about grades and the Autumn resit opportunities as well as Post-18 and Post-16 advice from the Sixth Form Team.  


All student & parental meetings this year will be held by video call and not face to face. For One to One meetings viaTeams or GoTo Meeting/Zoom you should contact the Sixth Form Team directly via email.

Revision Workshop Timetables

OFQUAL Guide to Summer 2020 Results

How have my grades been decided?

In simple terms schools have used the data they hold on students, plus the teacher's professional judgement about the most likely grade to be achieved this summer.  OFQUAL and the Examination boards have then applied an algorithm to adjust these school grades either up or down based upon the school's past performance.   You can find out more detail in the OFQUAL guide to this summer's results.

Can I appeal?


The OFQUAL Guide above contains information about appeals but the short answer is NO.  Only schools can appeal to the examination board on your behalf on administrative grounds e.g. you think that someone entered your data incorrectly and you have evidence to support this. Once you receive your results IF you feel an administrative error has occured you should firstly e mail your teacher and Head of Department for their view. The Head of Department will be the person who will recommend that the school submits an appeal on your behalf. The DfE have announced today that Mock Results will form part of the appeal process but no details have been issued to schools about how this will work in practice.








If you disagree with the school's decision not to appeal then you can apply for an internal school review using the form below and Mr Hunkin and Mrs Gaunt will review the information the school holds against the examination board information.






n.b. OFQUAL have decided that students cannot appeal the grades or ranking submitted by the school. [please read the OFQUAL Guide above]

Exam Board Administrative Error Appeal School Internal Review Form 2020 Exam Appeals Policy APPEAL CONSENT FORM