Part 3 eBooks & Handouts

Why eBooks & Digital Resources?

Over the last 3 - 5 years there has been an explosion in digital publications in all forms of education.  This has happened for various reasons but the prime reasons are:

a) The ability for students to deepen their learning experience via links to additional resources, activities, and websites without the need to book a computer room or laptop trolley. 

b) So that teachers can embed or grab digital resources easily into collaborative apps like OneNote so that the printer or photocopier is cut out and teachers can spend more time creating, designing and planning resources and less time tied to a printer or copier.


c) So that student resources can be created, updated, organised and distributed easily, quickly and are located in one place for all of their subjects but accessible across multiple devices anytime, anyplace, anywhere.


d) So that teaching staff using OneNote and eBooks can bespoke, create, and curate high quality digital resources.   

e) eBooks, and digital resources are a key part of education's commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. 


Downloading eBooks

1.  We use the Hodders Dynamic Learning and Boost Apps as well as the Classoos Apps for eBooks make sure you have downloaded the apps and got your account details from your teacher. 

2. eBooks should be downloaded onto your device at home, not in school. 

3.  Once downloaded onto your device eBooks can be accessed anywhere and don't require access to the internet.  

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