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Digital Journey

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Digital Voices

Click here to see a video montage of schools that have gone or are using Digital.


The montage gives a good insight into the type of classroom experience we are aiming for by 2024/5. 

Digital Strategy

Click here to see our Digital Strategy.  We are very much of the view that this is a marathon and not a sprint. 

Stage 1 is to secure our foundations.


21/22 is all about getting our infrastructure right and experimenting with the use of Digital in the classroom. 

Storyboard on Screen


We need to invest in digital and equip our students with the correct skills for their future, not our past.
King Edward's is committed to investing in the digital classroom so that we ensure that all of our students are able to make a smooth and seamless transition to the modern day world of work and higher education. 

COVID has transformed the way that we all work and learn. We intend to build upon the lessons we have learnt so that by 2024/5 the digital classroom will be as normal as learning with pen and paper and will complement our traditional academic approach.

The digital classroom is also part of our wider commitment to increase interactivity and inclusive learning in our classrooms. By using digital we can provide even greater opportunities for students to enhance their learning by being able to get video and audio feedback on their work, to watch and re-watch explanations of difficult concepts, anytime and anywhere.  The use of One Note will assist with student and staff organisation and collaboration, offering a host of opportunities to share ideas, collaborate,  deepen assessment, learning and student  organisation.

Finally, our digital strategy is also a key strand in our environmental commitment to become paperless, reduce our carbon footprint, take responsibility, and make a positive contribution to the reduction of global warming. 

You can see more about the technology you need at King Edward's, the apps and programmes we use and how to set up your device in the links above. 

We use the following at King Edward's:

Kindle Fire 8 or 10 with Google PlayStore and with the parental safeguarding controls set up correctly [see link above] Kindle 7's are also a recommended device.    

We advise buying the ad-free Kindle, or use the parental controls to block them or pay to remove the ads. You can see more about our apps on our app page and Kindle set up pages from the Digital menu.

Our Strategic Partners

To support us on our journey we are working with two groups of  experienced partners.

Group 1: Network, IT and Change Management partners from BAE Systems; LCS IT Solutions and Blue Sky Systems bring a wealth of expertise to support the project management and technical development of our wireless network systems.   

Group 2: Partner Schools. Digital is first and foremost about Teaching and Learning and we are learning from and working with schools who have already successfully travelled this path.  They include Wolverhampton Grammar School; Sherborne Girls School; The Tanglin School Singapore, and The Stephen Perse Foundation in Cambridge.  All of these schools have successfully deepened and enhanced teaching, learning and assessment and been recognised by Microsoft, Apple, the DfE and others for their work.  

Our Strategy


Development of our IT infrastructure, broadband and wifi systems. Training and action research by teachers and students to develop digital classroom practice.


Embedding the lessons from 21/22 and move towards the extensive use of digital technologies alongside traditional methods and enhances learning.


Fully interactive digital classroom and a paper-lite environment.  


Fully interactive digital classrooms enhance our traditional academic rigour and our paperless school underscores our commitment to the environment.

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