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"The School has achieved its mission to encourage excellence and nurture talent" Ofsted

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Exam Results


Exam Results Exam Results Exam Results

2012 Wolds and North East Lincolnshire Analysis


Joint 1st for percentage of children achieving 3 or more A Levels (100%)


A*AA equivalent total point score per candidate [A Level/AS Level grades only]


2nd highest performing school at A Level A*-B


2nd highest Average A Level Point Score per candidate




Total GCSE Points Score of 447 compared to the national average of 312


Nearly half of all pupils achieved 5 or more A* or A grades


95% pupils achieved 7 or more GCSEs at grade C or above


3rd highest for students achieving the English Bacc in Traditional Qualifications - English, Mathematics, Science, Language, Humanities.




Value added measures for both GCSE and A Level continue to remain high especially in the new Government tables that remove equivalent qualifications and compare GCSE to GCSE grades and A level grades to A level grades.


The graphs in the download section provide more details on this area of our performance.

A Level


Value Added

Exam Approach

At King Edward's we value depth of study and therefore we do not enter students early for subjects or encourage the constant re-sitting of examinations through the modular system.  We also offer a broad academic curriculum geared up to preparation for University entrance.  This means that we do not worry about artificially ramping up our point scores in league tables by putting children through an additional range of vocational qualifications.  Instead we concentrate mainly on academic GCSEs and on an academic A Level curriculum aimed at getting our children the best possible educational grounding. Most importantly we do not overload them so that they therefore have the space and time to develop and flourish through our enrichment offer to become well rounded individuals who are also academically well grounded.


Our goal is therefore success on our own terms; for our own pupils, and for their futures: that is what is really important to us. It just so happens that as a by product of this we are consistently ranked as one of the top three schools in the Wolds and North East Lincolnshire and also as one of the top 200 state schools in the country: which is nice.

OFSTED Report A Level by Subject 2013




2016 Results Page

GCSE Pupil List 2013 KEVIGS 90 GCSE & A Level

The Daily Telegraph Schools List Places KEVIGS in top 100

GCSE Progress 8 Value Added for Grammar Schools



Value Added Results Show Depth of Pupils' Success

The publication of the Government’s League Tables for Summer 2016 and also the publication of our own external data provided by Durham University shows the real depth of our pupils' success this summer.  On the left you can see the value added charts for both GCSE and for A Level which although complicated tell an important story about the impact that our work is having on individuals.


At GCSE our value added was 0.28 where 0 is the national norm.  A score of 0.25 means that on average pupils have made a quarter of a grade improvement per subject and at 0.5 that on average pupils have made half a grade improvement in each of their subjects. To put this in context of the 5,500 secondary schools in the country only 7 got a score of 1 [i.e. a full grade improvement per subject] and less than 150 schools got 0.5 or above.  In terms of Grammar schools 85 got 0.25 or above: King Edward's was also in the top 50 Coeducational Grammar Schools in the country for its Progress 8 measure.   You can see the value added tables compared to the national results in the table to the left.


At A Level we work closely with Durham University who provide a robust analysis of our data each year and it was particularly heartening to see the our overall value added across the Sixth Form as a whole was exceptionally high.   Again what this shows is that on average the vast majority of pupils achieved or exceeded their targets.


In both local and national terms this once again confirms the school's status as one of the leading Grammar schools in the country and it was particularly interesting to see that at GCSE value added only a few points split the top three performers in the Wolds.  





A Level Value Added GCSE Value Added A Level by Subject 2014 GCSE by Subjects 2014 A Level Value Added A Level by Subject 2015 GCSE Value Added GCSE by Subjects 2015


A Level Value Added GCSE Value Added A Level by Subject GCSE by Subjects