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Value Added Results Show Depth of Pupils' Success

The publication of the Government’s League Tables for Summer 2016, and also the publication of our own external data provided by Durham University, shows the real depth of our pupils' success this summer.  On the left you can see the value added charts for both GCSE and for A Level which although complicated tell an important story about the impact that our work is having on individuals.


At GCSE our value added was 0.28 where 0 is the national norm.  A score of 0.25 means that on average pupils have made a quarter of a grade improvement per subject and at 0.5 that on average pupils have made half a grade improvement in each of their subjects. To put this in context of the 5,500 secondary schools in the country only 7 got a score of 1 [i.e. a full grade improvement per subject] and less than 150 schools got 0.5 or above.  In terms of Grammar schools 85 got 0.25 or above: King Edward's was also in the top 50 Coeducational Grammar Schools in the country for its Progress 8 measure.   You can see the value added tables compared to the national results in the table to the left.


At A Level we work closely with Durham University who provide a robust analysis of our data each year and it was particularly heartening to see the our overall value added across the Sixth Form as a whole was exceptionally high.   Again what this shows is that on average the vast majority of pupils achieved or exceeded their targets.


In both local and national terms this once again confirms the school's status as one of the leading Grammar schools in the country and it was particularly interesting to see that at GCSE value added only a few points split the top three performers in the Wolds.  





A Level Value Added A Level by Subject 2015 GCSE Value Added GCSE by Subject


A Level Value Added GCSE Value Added A Level by Subject GCSE by Subjects


“Our 2017 A Level results are a real testament to the collaborative and supportive relationships that exist here between the staff and the pupils.  In many ways this year group personifies what we stand for as a School: excellent results combined with outstanding contributions to the wider life of the school and community” James Lascelles, Headmaster.


A Levels results place school into top 10% of schools nationally


23 students achieved A* or A grades in all of their subjects


62% of grades were at A*- B grade or equivalent.


90% of pupils gained a C grade or higher.


University Offers


Over 10% of students achieved their place at either Oxford, Cambridge or Medical or Veterinary School.


The Sutton Trust ranked King Edward VI Grammar School second in Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire for the percentage of pupils going on to University.   Today our initial results indicate that this trend continues with vast majority of our pupils achieving their University offer on the day: a small number are close and will need to check with their provider but we anticipate the vast majority of these will be accepted within a day or two.

At King Edward’s we have been fortunate to have an outstanding crop of individuals in Year 13 who have really lived the school’s ethos and values.  They have made a massive contribution to the wider life of the school and to their own personal development. We have more students than ever before doing the Gold and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award; our Combined Cadet Force continues to go from strength to strength providing unrivalled leadership opportunities for young people, and we continue to offer music and drama to a professional standard.


These same students who lead and excel in so many fields have also gone on to achieve some fantastic results.  For us the impact of the A level reforms look to have been negligible and this is primarily because we spend a huge amount of time ensuring that the right children start on the right courses.  As a consequence we have 23 students who have achieved A* or A grades in all of their subjects.  In the middle ability group the impact of these changes also seems to have been negligible because many of these students got C grades or better in their subjects and gained their University places.  


Too often we celebrate the achievements of the highest performers forgetting that we are just as good at “nudging the middle”  - a wonderful phrase that one of our middle achieving pupils coined when asked to reflect on what set King Edward’s apart.  In his view he was not lost in the crowd; excelled because his teachers expected it, and worked hard to compete with those around him.  This year despite the government’s attempts to meddle with yet another set of examinations I am happy to salute and support all those in the middle who we have helped secure some outstanding results.

Nudging the middle

A Level 2017

GCSE 2017


We have been recently ranked by the Real Schools Guide as the number one education provider in the local area and this year group is a real testament to what that guide stands for; high quality teaching, an emphasis not just on the results achieved but on how much additional value we add. More than this it is about partnership and working together and this excellent set of results is an impressive reflection of the dedication displayed by staff, pupils and parents to achieve this significant set of results.  We believe in nurturing and encouraging individuals, working with children and that clear message has worked its magic once again. My wholehearted congratulations to the staff and the pupils for a tremendous team effort”  


• 26 students got eight or more GCSE at A*/A or the or the new GCSE Mathematics and English equivalents of 7, 8 & 9.


• 40% of grades at the highest levels either A*/A or the new GCSE Mathematics and English equivalents of 7, 8  & 9: an increase on last year.


• At least 75% of results were at a strong grade i.e. a B grade or higher, or grades 5 and above in the new  English and Mathematics.


Outstanding Value Added Confirmed

Government figures released today Friday 29th September confirm that King Edward's valued added is once again Outstanding.


Students achieved grades that were significantly higher  than pupils of the same ability nationally.


This will place us once again as one of the top schools in the country.

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