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"The School has achieved its mission to encourage excellence and nurture talent" Ofsted

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At King Edward's we believe our role is to help support children to achieve their goals. We recognise that at times in all of our lives challenges and difficulties can arise that affect our well being, and subsequently our performance.   It is at these times that we believe it is the role of the school to be pro-active in supporting individuals by helping them to get to the finishing line: even if we have to carry them some of the way.






Why Encouraging Excellence, Nurturing Talent?  


Quite simply we believe that we get the best from pupils when we have a positive, supportive and calm atmosphere.  Many parents have commented that the atmosphere around the school is quite relaxed and very different from the other Grammar Schools.   This is one of the unique features of King Edward's and something we are exceptionally proud of.  In the vast majority of cases adults and children work together and relationships are natural, not forced.  







Mission statements are all good and well but are useless if they aren't put into practice.  So how do we try to achieve our goals?



  • A dedicated Year 7 team who specialise in the kinds of issues that arise when pupils transfer from Primary School to Year 7.


  • Careful liaison with the Primary Schools to ensure an effective transfer.


  • A good induction system at Year 7, Year 10 and Year 12


  • A comprehensive support system provided by our Heads of Year,  who each look after a Year Group, monitoring academic performance, and personal matters.


  • Close and careful monitoring of the progress made by each individual child with regular reporting


  • Peer Mentors who are Sixth Formers and other pupils who give up their time to mentor and support younger members of our community.


  • A general expectation amongst staff and pupils that we are here to help one another achieve our goals.


  • A dedicated MASS Programme to support pupils at GCSE who find the Grammar School curriculum challenging.


  • Regular lunchtime workshops and afterschool drop in clinics to support childrens' learning, including planned booster classes for GCSE exams.


  • Effective use of data to underpin close and regular monitoring of performance.

A good induction system for new students ensures that they settle in quickly. Students' progress and learning are monitored carefully, with mentors to support those who appear to be achieving less than is expected of them.  OFSTED

Our Ethos

Encouraging Excellence, Nurturing Talent

How do we achieve our goals?