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School Leadership


The Headmaster chairs the Leadership Team who are jointly responsible with the Headmaster for the operational life of the school.  The Leadership Team meet weekly to discuss operational matters and fortnightly to discuss strategic matters.  Each member of the team is responsible for both Leading and Managing their sector.  Current posts on the team are:


          Deputy Head - Head of School & Teaching and Learning


          Responsible for the oversight of Teaching and Learning across the school and the schools overall Quality              

          Assurance Framework and leadership of IT Development.                                                                                                                                                        


          Deputy Head  - Operations & Academic 


          Timetabling, Curriculum - including the GCSE and A Level options processes; Child Protection Officer and SEN

          Line Manager.  


          Director of Sixth Form


          Strategic and Operational Leadership of the Sixth Form


          Director of Key Stage 4


          Responsible for all Pastoral matters in Year 9 to 11; Leadership of Heads of Year and Tutors in Years 9 to 11


          Director of Key Stage 3


          Responsible for all Pastoral matters in Years 7 & 8 and Primary transition; Leadership of Heads of Year and

          Tutors in Years 7 and 8


          Business Development Director 


         Operational leadership of the support staff, school finances and IT Development.      


Consultation and Self Evaluation

As a school we are committed to self improvement through consultation and self evaluation.  This takes a number of different forms:


  • Annual surveys to parents at each parents' evening which enables us to analyse trends both by year group as well as across the whole school.


  • Termly School Parliament Meetings chaired by a Senior Prefect and attended by the Head Boy and Head Girl are reported back to the Principal and Leadership Team.  The Headmaster's PA is also clerk to the School Parliament.    


  • Annual survey of staff to identify What Went Well [WWW] and things could have been Even Better if....[EBI] 


  • Development Groups that focus on specific issues picked up through either the development plan or through the annual consultation process: their remit is to take a consultative approach to initiatives that balances the quantitative and the qualitative.


  • An Appraisal system that provides opportunities for staff to feedback their concerns and to identify improvements 


  • Governors provide an important link to parental viewpoints and the school is fortunate to have many strong critical friends on the Governing Body who are committed to school improvement.


  • A self evaluation process driven through our quality assurance system ensures that we review quantitative data on a regular basis throughout the academic year comparing ourselves to other selective and independent schools. 


  • A benchmarking system for our results and target setting run by experts at Durham University thus providing

         important data to help drive our self evaluation process.



The Headmaster always welcomes constructive criticism and can be contacted via his PA using the e mail links above.

Development Plan 2013-16 OFSTED Report Pupil Premium Statement 2015-16 Parental Survey



Headmaster              Mr James Lascelles


Headmaster's PA    Mrs Rhona Adam





    Deputy Head

   Head of School   Mr Tim Taylor


    Deputy Head

      Operations        Mr Mark Hunkin



    Director of

    Sixth Form         Mr Nick Robertson


    Director of

   Key Stage 4        Mr Steve Neal


    Director of

   Key Stage 3       Mrs Laura Reeve


   Business &

  Development      Mrs Rachel Mowbray






Email Growth Strategy

2017-2020 Plan

This is currently being    

              produced by

the School and the Trust during the course of 2016/17