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How to Apply for a Year 7 place

Step 1   Contact Us/Register for the Entrance Test


Contact us now for a prospectus and to register your son/daughter for the Entrance Test; or download the Registration Form above, complete and send to the Admissions Officer at King Edwards.



Step 2  Visit us  


Sounds obvious but you need to check if this is the right school for your child.  Either come to our Open Evening and/or arrange an individual tour

so you can see us during the working day. (See our Open Day page)



Step 3 Sit the Entrance Test


In September of Year 6 children sit the Grammar School Entrance Test either in their Primary School, or here in the Sports Hall at King Edward's.  

There are two weekends of testing with additional mid-week sessions for those who have been unable to sit the test on the day.  All dates are on the attachment above.



Step 4 Results


Results of the test are sent to you in mid October.



Step 5 Decisions


We encourage all parents to contact the school again in October to discuss any outstanding issues or concerns with the Headmaster.  For the

undecided we also encourage a personal tour of the school during the working day so that you can see us in action and decide if King Edward's

is right for your son/daughter.



Step 6 The Common Application Form/Parental Preference


Finally you must complete the Common Application Form, or on-line Application, available from your Local Authority in September. You should place King Edward's as your number 1 preference to maximise your chances of gaining a place. 



Step 7 Local Authority decisions


The LEA then sort the outcome of the tests and parental choices to determine who gains a place at the school.  




                                                               The School is not involved in offering places, or determining who does or does not get a place.


                                                                                               Passing the test is not a guarantee of a place at the school.


Applying Sixth Form Application Form Letter from the Head re Admissions Registration Form 2018 entry Notes for Completion of Reg Form Admissions Policy for September 2018


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