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"There are an exceptional range of activities in which students can take part. Participation is high in sport, music and drama, and activities arising from specialist science status and the cadet corps.  These provide outstanding opportunities for personal development. The school provides outstanding enrichment across the curriculum." OFSTED






We have a broad range of activities. The list below covers some of them but is by no means exhaustive. As new staff and new pupils arrive we continually add to the range of opportunities we have here.  

The expectation is that everyone should take part in something.


Art Club

Creative Writing

Chess Club

Combined Cadet Force (RAF and Army Sections)

Dance and Gym

Debating Society

Drama - Teddies for Years 7-9

Edward's Theatre Company

Duke of Edinburgh Awards


Electronics Club

Big Band (Jazz)

Not so Big Band (Jazz)

Junior Choir

Intermediate Choir

Senior Choir

Intermediate Orchestra

Senior Orchestra

House Activities








         Wacky Races

         Athletics (Sports Day)


Sport - all year groups run multiple competitive teams in the following:








Athletics - the school is particularly strong in this area and trains students to County level in  Sprinting, Distance Running, Cross Country

What will you do?






The School is exceptionally lucky to have dedicated members of

staff prepared to lead a wide range of overseas trips.   This includes the following regular features:


Lower School PGL weekends away to London, Norfolk and other destinations aimed at cultural events and sporting/active events.


Ski Trip - at least one, but often two trips per year.


America trip to visit Washington,New York & Philadelphia


Language Trips to France, Germany and Spain


Trips to Africa as part of our Fair Trade commitment


International visits to our partner schools in France, Germany, Spain and Poland.


History Trips to the Battlefields of France and Belgium


Again, not an exhaustive list but enough to give you a flavour of the opportunities available.

Where will you go?