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Encouraging Excellence, Nurturing Talent in Every Individual



King Edward's curriculum is designed for children who are excelling or working above or well above the national standards at primary school.  We also have children transfer to us for their GCSEs and their A Levels and again the expectation is that pupils are academically able.  Our curriculum requires children to have high levels of literacy and numeracy but even for Mathematics and Science a high level of verbal reasoning skills are needed to access the curriculum and we strongly recommend that prospective parents encourage their children to read widely to help them make an easy transition to the school.


Having said this every year the school also takes a small proportion of children who are working at expectations and who are working towards higher levels of attainment at primary school.  Often the potential of these children is identified through the 11+ testing papers and they go on to cope well with our curriculum although some may need additional support or a more personalised approach at KS4.  We believe our job is to both encourage excellence and to nurture talent and often these children have specific talents in certain areas that we seek to support.


Each year we also take one or two able children who may have a full EHCP or full Statement and our small SEN unit will seek to provide the best support we can for these children to help them cope with accessing an academic curriculum.


king eds038 copy Curriculum Diagram